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The tZERO platform experiences a 1,500% growth and adds to its list the ASPEN token

The leading tZERO security token exchange has partnered with Aspen Digital Inc. to enable secure trading of their token.

The ‚ASPEN‘ token, previously dubbed ‚Aspen Coin‘, represents $18 million in indirect ownership at the St. Regis Aspen Resort, a five-star, 179-room hotel located in Colorado. ASPEN is listed as a tZERO, as the popularity of real estate tokens continues to grow.

TZERO, Wall Street’s digital token broker, records growth

RealT has 17 real estate token offers
The Aspen Digital token sale in August 2018 was widely regarded as the first real estate security token offering, with the company issuing 1.675 billion shares at $20 each. While the tokens were originally ERC-20 issued through Bitcoin Revolution Templum’s secondary market, they were moved to Securitize in January 2019.

Real estate tokens have recently experienced a steady increase in popularity, thanks to another investment platform, RealT, which has token sales for 17 properties in the United States, 15 of which have already been sold.

Nine of RealT’s tokens are currently trading in the secondary markets, representing a monthly volume of nearly $90,000.

Overstock’s ‚digital dividend‘ leads the ranking of value tokens

tZERO volume explodes after adding OSTKO to its list
tZERO’s trading volume increased by more than 1,500%, from $125,000 to $2.02 million in just two months after the launch of Overstock’s OSTKO security token and its subsequent inclusion in the company’s alternative trading system.

Overstock made an airdrop crypto of 4.37 million tokens of shareholder value
Around 4.37 million OSTKO tokens were sent to Overstock shareholders at a ratio of one security token for every ten shares in the company. OSTKO is currently the most traded security token, generating over $1.7 million in monthly trading on the platform.